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  • I chose to study at Flinders ISC because it offered more opportunities than I ever had in Kenya. One day I would love to have my own business, specifically an engineering firm, and Flinders ISC has helped me become better prepared for what’s next. Flinders ISC has helped me adapt to a new environment here in Australia and I find the teachers very friendly and supportive.
    ANDREW L. From Kenya Diploma of Science Student
  • Coming to Baylor everyone smiles at you and says ‘hi’. Everyone is so nice and they want to give you rides. At first I said, ‘No, I’m good, I’ll walk’, because I felt like they wanted something from me, but everyone is so nice, they just want to get to know you. That’s what I am going to miss the most about Baylor, everyone is so genuine and they are ready to help you and want to get to know you.
    Tutu Baylor University international student - from Nigeria
  • I've only done one semester here, but it’s great and I like it, although it’s a little harder than Taylors College because you’re doing more work and assignments. I’m living in a studio; it’s nice and homely. It is part of the student accommodation at St Catherine’s College, and there’s a computer room and lots of activities on offer that you can get involved with. It’s pretty affordable considering what you are paying for and the things that are included in that cost.
    Ashley W. from Zimbabwe, graduated from the Foundation Program at Taylors College Perth. Now studying Finance and Management at the University of Western Australia
  • Holland is good for business and the economy so people who want to study business come here. I think it’s easier to adapt in Holland than in Germany or in France because the mentality is not so diverse. I find a lot of characteristics that are similar, like for example, people in Holland are really direct and it’s not hard to ask for what you need. I had the experience of studying in English when I was in Dublin. I went to summer school there so it’s easy for me to start speaking English again. In Ukraine you learn by heart but here they try to help you to understand.
    Daria D. Holland ISC student from Ukraine - International Foundation Year – Science and Engineering
  • I think getting a Bachelor degree from a prestigious university like ANU will give me an advantage over others out in the real world. I’d say the foundation course has a practical focus; for example, we did a multi-media project in history and one in psychology. We went to people’s houses and we shot a video at the university lodge. It was a great way to find out about other students and how they work, plus we got to practise our English.
    Ishaan from Dubai, studying Foundation Year at ANU College
  • My favourite class is microeconomics. My professor was always there to help the students who want it. The professor takes the time not only to explain to their students but to know how they are feeling or how they are doing. Just to know they are interested in you is the best thing. In the next couple of years, I want to have good grades and to have a better understanding of how the world works.
    Juanita M. A. Holland ISC progression student at Tilburg University - BSc Economics
  • Kingston upon Thames is a very nice town to study in and it’s so close to central London that it’s easy to visit the attractions at weekends. The International Foundation Year programme I am studying is really helping to improve my English, giving me the core principles of business and developing my mathematical ability. I have also had the opportunity to develop my presentation skills which has given me a great deal of confidence. In class I always feel I can ask for advice and most importantly the teachers are patient.
    Alena M. Kingston ISC student from Russia - International Foundation Year (Business, Management and Law)
  • I have a passion to improve people’s lives. I’ve got an idea on how to better distribute medicines in Nigeria and I am planning to open my own consultancy once I graduate. I chose Kingston because of the great job they’re doing with start-up companies. I came to the UK to study because of the high standard of education here. After I finish my Foundation Year in science, I’ll start Pharmaceutical Science, and then I will get into entrepreneurship, get advice on how to start it up.
    Innocent N. Kingston ISC student from Nigeria - International Foundation Year (Science, Engineering and Computing)
  • When I came to Lipscomb I came as a Biology major, because I always wanted to become a doctor growing up. But switching my major to Exercise Science is definitely something I want to do and I think I'm going to be passionate about it. I loved soccer and sports growing up. I played it, watched it, read about it, and I'm a very active person, so I thought Exercise Science because was a good fit. It's been pretty fun so far, I'm taking introductory classes right now and I've taken biology courses, so it's been pretty smooth.
    Alex P. Lipscomb University student
  • I chose Centre for Arts and Technology because I dreamt I wanted to be a network administrator and I got this course here in Centre for Arts and Technology and my friends told me that this college is something that provides you very personal attention. My instructor John is really helpful and he always gives me personal attention, and that's the reason I'm doing better in my course. I have so many friends here in Centre for Arts and Technology. Even my instructors are my friends because they're so familiar to me.
    Babita K. from India - Pathway Course: Network Security Specialist
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