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Europe is home to many of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities with a long history of pioneering higher education and many of the most exciting and attractive student cities.

European countries, and their universities, are of course all very different – in terms of language, lifestyle and living costs. However, under the Bologna Process, European universities are working to standardize degree systems.

Why Study in Germany

Study in Germany

Quality Institutions

Germany is home to some of the most highly ranked universities in Western Europe.

Study in Germany no tuition

No Tuition Fees

Studying in Germany at undergraduate level is FREE for all nationalities. Yes, you heard right!

Work in Germany

Job Opportunities

After graduating, international students are allowed to stay up to 18 months in Germany to look for a job.

Why Study in the Netherlands?

Study in Netherlands

High Quality Education

Higher education in the Netherlands has a worldwide reputation for its high quality.

Study in Holland

Get Connected

Dutch society is strongly connected to other cultures, the world and the business community.

Work opportunities - study abroad in the Netherlands

Work Opportunities

The Netherlands has a big international presence. It is the 21st largest economy in the world.

Why Study in Sweden?

Study in Swed

Be Pioneering

The country is the birth place of the Nobel Prize, with many daring philosophers and groundbreaking scientists from Lund University.

Students in Sweden

Be Creative

When you study in Sweden, you’re encouraged to think independently, creatively and critically. You’ll learn to question and make well-informed...

Work opportunities - study abroad in Sweden

Equality is Central

Swedish society is known for its inclusiveness. Sweden is often referred to as the most equal country in the world...

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