CSU Brisbane Student

Oluwatoba from Nigeria, studying at Charles Sturt University Study Centre, Brisbane.

A student from Nigeria, Oluwatoba studying a Master of Information Technology at Charles Sturt University (CSU) Study Centre, Brisbane.

Charles Sturt University

CSU is a great university. I chose it because of the teaching methods available here. The lecturers are very friendly; they talk to students about their course material and also ask them about the things they didn’t understand. 

What’s really helpful are the separate ‘path’ sessions that help you further your studies. There’s limited time in the class, so if you don’t understand something, you can ask that same question in the path class to help you get a better grade.


Life in Brisbane is great. I’ve only been here around four months and I’m already blending with the environment; people here are very friendly and are happy to help you. There’s a lot of diversity in Australia, but you can find people from your country too. I don’t feel awkward anymore; I’m starting to feel at home.

The location is great too for being able to visit lots of other places in Australia if you want to.

CSU Brisbane student Oluwatoba Oloba

Personal Growth

I wanted to study away from home to experience a new environment in a new country, with a different culture. I’m learning to be independent and how to live on my own. It’s about managing my life, from studying to socializing.


After finishing my studies, I want to go for an internship because CSU provides internship opportunity. I’ll apply immediately because it will give me three months’ experience; then maybe I’ll look for more work in the same field. 

Advice for New Students

My advice? Prepare yourself because it is totally different from your home country. it’s a big change, but you can adapt and there are many things that are easier here, so you might even end up being more comfortable here!

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