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Coventry ISC student Charu Ansari from India studying Pre-Masters before an MBA in Global Business

International Study Centre

It’s really fun studying at the International Study Centre. It’s a mix of cultures so get to meet people from all over the world, and since we’re a smaller class we get to do a lot of one on one discussions.

Why Coventry University London Campus?

I chose Coventry London Campus mainly because of its rankings; it’s ranked number 15 in all of the UK and its known specifically for the business major. So overall I think it’s the best decision for me to do an MBA in Global Business here.

Why the UK?

I decided to study in the UK because it’s one of the best places in the world you can get a degree from. I’ve studied in the US and I’ve studied in Bangladesh and I wanted to go to another country and experience their teaching styles as it would add to my diversity as an employee in my future company.

Pre-Masters before an MBA in Global Business
Pre-Masters before an MBA in Global Business


Living in London is fun, because I like crowded places and there is so much culture here, just people from all over the world, the diversity is amazing.

I use my spare time to find my way around London and see what’s out there. I like to go exploring. We live in a flat of nine, so whenever we have time we go out and check out new places. We’re all from different countries, so we’re all in the same boat.
I’m really into art, because my dad is an artist, so I to go to museums and go sight-seeing. You may be interested in our why study abroad guide.


I think it will help me because London is known as such a great place to get an education from. When you get a Masters from a university that is so high in the rankings, I think that really puts me in a better place in terms of employment and credibility in the future.

Studying at the International Study Centre helps me with my future career because it teaches you about the real world. They teach you how to communicate with people from all over the world, which is what we will be expected to do in our future jobs. It gives you a pretty good perspective of what to expect in the work place.


The style of teaching is very one on one, as we are a small class so you get the attention you need, which is very different from what I’m used to.
I’m used to classes of over thirty or forty people. I think this is really helping me move on to the Coventry classroom experience


I would tell students to keep an open mind. You will have a culture shock when you come from a new country, because you see so many different people. It’s very crowded, but if you like crowded places, then this is the place to be. Otherwise you have to be a little patient. But I love it here, so I would definitely recommend anyone coming to London to study here.

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