Waikato College Student

Waikato Pathways College student Christian from Indonesia

A student from Indonesia, Christian studying Foundation Year at Waikato College.


The University of Waikato, which is known for its excellence in education and research, is based in Hamilton, New Zealand. A world-class university with outstanding teaching facilities, students from more than 80 countries study at Waikato’s various faculties, school and college. The University has jumped 100 places in the QS World University Rankings in recent years, making it among the top 1.1% of universities in the world. More than 89% of its students are employed within six months of graduating and are recruited to jobs all over the world.



The Foundation programme is so helpful for me, especially for basic needs like paper referencing. It’s completely changed me. For example, the way I think and the way I behave towards people. I’ve learned so much from the experience.

The teachers are so kind and friendly to us. There are no walls between the teacher and student. That’s amazing for me. My English is much improved.

Before, I thought about myself as kind of selfish, but now I’m thinking about other people as well. They tend to think about the future and how to improve themselves. I think I’ve improved myself as well.


Once I finish my Foundation programme, I’m planning to study Environmental Planning. I’m from West Papua where you’ve got plenty of land but there is no access or planning for the environment. People just destroy everything. That’s why I’m here.


I didn’t know anything about New Zealand when I came here, I felt like it was completely different to Indonesia.


I feel Hamilton is a great place. There are lots of events. I love to learn about the culture as well. I’m lucky to be here.


On campus you can feel the atmosphere of studying. That encourages me to be keep on studying.

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