ITMO University in St. Petersburg is a recognized leader in optics, photonics and IT. Over the past few years, it has developed from a specialized technical institute into a trailblazer shaping the national education and research policy in Russia. We know that persistence and vision pay off.

Our new approach to learning – ITMO Code – programs the University of the Future and focuses on the individual, providing them with opportunities for holistic, multi-faceted development and inspiring them to tackle global challenges.

ITMO Code builds on the values of respect for the individual, integrity, academic freedom, openness and love. It blends fundamental and unique competencies and also recognizes the importance of professional and soft skills, which is a completely new area for Russian universities. Starting in 2018-2019 academic year, soft skills are part of the core curriculum at ITMO.

ITMO’s Students

To help make the educational process more effective, we developed and launched ITMO.EXPERT initiative where professors and instructors learn new skills in digital tech, teamwork and game technology through peer learning.

ITMO University loves to break new ground and it’s serious about the results. In 2017, our students became the only team in the world to win ACM ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest seven times. ITMO placed 76th in THE World University Rankings in Computer Science and 27th in THE World University Rankings: BRICS & Emerging Economies.


ITMO University has more than ten dorm options on offer, and it is our priority to provide international students with housing. All of our dorms are located in close proximity to St. Petersburg metro stations, so getting to university won’t be a problem. Welcome to your new home! Good company is guaranteed.

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