Masters Finance and Investment Management

University of Aberdeen student Lea Emvula from Namibia


I’m a geologist by profession. I did geology for my undergraduate degree and I was in the mining industry for over nine years. I have been looking for different mining companies including the internationally recognized, really big companies. I have picked up quite a lot of experience and over time. I thought that I needed to get a bit of understanding of the business operation from the finance perspective. That’s how I ended up feeling like I needed to dive this far; that’s how I found myself doing a Masters in Finance and Investment Management.

In the next five years I see myself growing my career, combining my technical skills in the mining industry together with finance. That mainly allows me to work in different sectors and I probably see myself working for another big internationally recognized finance company. Not only can I go into investment banking, I can go into asset management or I can go into consultancy. I aim to see myself having grown my career in finance, combined with my technical skills from geology and traveling the world.

I feel like as a professional you should always keep growing. Whether in your career or personally, you should always try to keep growing. Things are changing and always moving. New technology, new careers, there’s now a lot of things happening. As a person, you need to stay relevant. Doing your postgraduate degree gives you that opportunity to grow, not only your current career but you can always diversify into a different career. I feel it’s really important to pick up new skills as you meet new people and you get exposed to a lot of things. If you’re doing it outside your country, you get exposed to new cultures, new people, you learn new things and you pick up new skills.


My parents aren’t educated but it’s amazing how they understood just what I wanted to do and how important this was for me. They’re old, but at the same time they’re very understanding, so I’m very surprised but very inspired at the same time.

I grew up in a village, back in the northern part of Namibia. Growing up was quite an interesting experience and it has grounded me. Growing up in the village, we didn’t have a lot of people to inspire us. I was just really lucky that I had a big brother who was really inspiring. I had a very supportive family. My parents are not educated – my mom is just a farmer and my dad was a truck driver. But they provided for us. It wasn’t easy, but they made sure we stayed educated because they thought education was really important and I really owe everything to them, I’m really grateful for my family for supporting me and providing for us and making sure that we keep growing and learning.


If you’re fluent in English as much as you can be, you can travel and work anywhere.


I love this place. I’ve dreamed of living in a place like this before and I can’t believe this is happening. I really honestly love the city.


I think the reason I chose Finance Investment Management is mainly because I wanted to do something that can get me internationally recognized and able to work in any industry. I can work anywhere in the world. I feel like I’m definitely going to enjoy this and going to get a lot of exposure on how business operates from the finance perspective.


What I love the most is the fact that it’s really safe. The facilities on campus are quite good. We have the best library by the way. It’s near to a lot of sightseeing places around Scotland. It’s a beautiful place. The University of Aberdeen is in a very nice location. The town is really peaceful, safe and friendly. There’s a lot of support. University staff are very friendly. It’s a beautiful place, I love it.


I spend quite a lot of nights in the library – my friends make jokes that this is our campsite! But when we’re not studying, I love just taking a walk. I can just decide to sight-see around the city. So, I just like taking walks either to the beach and sometimes I’ll go to the gym, and I love shopping. Apart from that, it’s just really hanging out with friends and getting to see the city. Sometimes we go bowling as well. I’m really having a good time. I’m really enjoying my time here.


For those who want to do their studies in the UK, I honestly advise you to go for it. It’s going to be a great experience and I’m not joking. You’re going to enjoy it. You’re going to pick up a whole lot of experience. You’re going to pick up a lot of skills. You’re going to enjoy meeting new people, the culture, the food. You’re going to be able to travel around the UK – there’s a lot of beautiful places to sight-see.

There is a lot of support and the staff are very organized. They really want to see you growing in your career. They have a lot of facility to just really assist the students. We have a lot of really supportive staff that can help you in terms of getting placement or getting your CV right and just preparing yourself for the job market. I honestly feel it’s really worth it and please go for it.

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